Thursday, June 25, 2009

Patients from Asia, Middle East & Africa benefit from the Apollo CyberKnife Treatment

  • A new ray of hope. An innovation in the treatment of cancer
  • Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital is the first hospital in India to treat patients with the revolutionary CyberKnife.
  • Since the recent clinical inauguration, over fifty patients have undergone treatment and the results are very promising

Chennai, June 17, 2009: With the launch of Asia Pacific’s most advanced and India’s first CyberKnife®, Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital has joined the global league of hospitals equipped to provide 360-degree cancer care. Since the recent clinical inauguration by Prof. Dr. John Adler, the father of the CyberKnife, the hospital has reviewed around 600 cases and over 50 patients have already benefited from the treatment.

Addressing the media, Dr. Janos Stumpf DMS, Director Research in Oncology, representing the Apollo Cyberknife Clinical Panel said, “Over fifty patients with Intracranial, Spine, Lung and Prostate Tumors have benefited from the Apollo CyberKnife treatment and the results are very promising. Many of the patients had tumours that would have been considered inoperable or even untreatable earlier. The CyberKnife treatment offered them a new ray of hope. In quite a few cases, the CyberKnife treatment was even preferred to avoid the risks associated with conventional surgery. Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital has received patients from across the country, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Oman, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan.”

While introducing a few patients present at the media briefing, Dr. Sanjay Chandrasekar, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncology said, “The CyberKnife offers precise, painless and non-invasive radiosurgery treatment. Most patients who undergo the Apollo Cyberknife treatment are free to resume their daily routine almost immediately even after the procedure.”

Benefits to Patients

· A new treatment option: This extraordinary sophisticated treatment can be used as an alternative to open surgery. Occasionally CyberKnife® treatment can even convert a technically inoperable tumor to operable.

· Pain free: Treatment does not cause pain and therefore does not require anesthesia.

· Recovery Time: Vast majority of CyberKnife® treatments are out patient procedures allowing patients to continue their activities.

· Comparative comfort: Many of the available high precision radiation techniques require application of some kind of frame around patient’s body, CyberKnife® can spare that particular inconvenience for the patient. In many of the cases, it is a frameless procedure.

The CyberKnife® system has significant benefits. Many of the complications associated with other conventional cancer therapies are minimized or eliminated by the CyberKnife® system. In addition, it is possible to treat multiple tumors at different locations in the body during a single treatment session. Patient normally experiences dramatic pain relief after the CyberKnife® treatment”.

All patients are reviewed by the Apollo CyberKnife® Advisory Board prior to a decision on treatment


danish said...

Thats Great India is no more lagging behind in coping up with the latest technologies in Health Care and if am not wrong i think even Bangalore is a equipped with Cyberknief.
My friend's dad was treated in Bangalore in Cyberknief Centre.

Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital said...

Yes, Banglore also has a cyberknife treatment center.