Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This 46 years old gentleman plumber from Mizoram, who was infected with HIV infection (also has the habit of alcohol & smoking) was diagnosed to have hepatocellular carcinoma Right lobe of liver in January 2010. He underwent chemotherapy treatment & TACE treatment else where, still the disease persisted he came for cyberknife radio surgery in June 2010.
After assessing him with PET CT and other investigations, we decided to take him up for cyberknife radio surgery.

With help of our interventional radiologist. Patient underwent gold fiducial insertion into his lesion under image guidance, after 1 week, he was taken up for treatment planning and verification.

He was treated between 28/6/2010 to 3/7/2010 with five fractions of cyberknife radio surgery, he tolerated the treatment very well.
The whole procedure was done as out patient basis.
Patient came for his 1st follow up in October 2010, he was absolutely feeling better after the treatment with steady improvement in his health.

PET CT in October 2010 showed complete resolution of lesion.
Both patient and we (doctors) are very happy to see the good result.

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