Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nasopharynx Angiofibroma

Nasopharynx Angiofibroma

This 21 years old patient from Colombo Srilanka came to us in March 2010 with the following history.

He was diagnosed as a case of nasopharynx angiofibroma in 2005 after couple of episodes of nasal bleeding, he underwent surgery for the same, but his symptoms re-occurred within 8 months. CT scan revealed recurrence. He underwent re-excision in 2006. Again in 2008 he had recurrence and 3rd surgery was done. In January 2010 MRI scan revealed recurrent mass which measured 4.1x3.8x4.0 – Left nasopharynx with erosion of left Pterygoid plate and extension to extradural space. Patient being young and had faced multiple surgeries was very anxious. His parents were also stressed, we took up the case and subjected the patient for CyberKnife Radio surgery after proper planning and verification (patient received treatment from 3.3.2010 to 8.3 .2010).

Patient is on regular follow up. The follow up scans and volume analysis shows good response to treatment with couple resolution of disease. Patient is locally asymptomatic and is in a good job. His health has improved very well, looks handsome, Parents are having a nice smile in their face.

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