Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cyberknife success - Retroperitoneal fibromatosis - biliary obstruction.

Retroperitoneal fibromatosis - biliary obstruction.

A 33 year old lady was evaluated and diagnosed to have a retroperitoneal fibromatosis.

She underwent surgery and post operative radiotherapy . She was on follow up. She delivered a baby boy after a couple of years. 4 months after delivery, she was evaluated for weight loss and poor appetite. She was found to  have biliary obstruction .

Pet ct showed a small recurrent mass causing the obstruction. She was re irradiated with cyber knife radio surgery.

Follow up pet ct showed regression in the size and activity of the mass  This patient benefited of this treatment modality without major surgery. She is doing well and enjoying with her baby

This is a case study discussion of Dr.Rathna who is a senior consultant , Radiation Oncology, Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai.

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